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Inpage SEO Checker

Continuously Check Your SEO with Inpage JS

Forgot to check SEO for langing pages? Interns or beginners who might not know what tools to use? Freelancers that did not check SEO before they delivered their landing pages? Inpage SEO Checker will continously check basic SEO properties continously. As soon as you violate a SEO check, an red onpage error is shown - just like in unit testing. Inpage SEO Checker is easy to add to your page, just include one small Javascript file and you're ready to go.

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Example Output

Error examples

Continuously check SEO

SEO is important to attract traffic. Most people check set out SEO goals in the beginnings of a web page and check in the end. It's easy to change the site and then forget to check again. When checking SEO the whole time continously during development, it's nothing that you forget.


Inpage SEO Checker comes with some sensible default settings that worked for me. You can configure it though to your likings, changing min and max value and turning checks off.

OnPage SEO checking

The Inpage SEO Checker does basic onpage SEO checking. Number of H1,H2,H3 tags, checking for alt attributes on iMG tags, META description and keywords, page title and EM and STRONG tag usage.


Inpage SEO Checker is a small JavaScript library that does not impact your development, and some even leave it in the page during production, to be alerted if page changes hurt SEO.

Example Usage

Example Usage with Custom Configuration


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